Ramped Up

June 17, 2022

Perm Wrap Technical


Shampoo hair with clarifying shampoo and towel dry


Quantum or Texture EFX perm kit, rat tail comb, perm rods, wrapping end papers and cotton.


Step 1

Start at the top of the crown, by taking zig-zag partings. Develop a base the same width as the selected rod size.

Step 2

Continue with zig-zag partings, wrapping towards the back of the head and on base. Continue from the crown towards the front hairline.

Step 3

For added volume, wrap side sections upward towards the top of the head and on base.

Step 4

Continue with perm following manufacturer directions.

Tip: Choose rod size depending on length of hair and type of curl desired. Purple and orange will give a looser curl; grey and white will give a tighter curl. The rod size and the type of perm selected will determine the curl result.